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Independent Advisors


It all started when...

Becoming an independent Registered Investment Adviser continues to be an increasingly attractive option for licensed advisers in today's competitive marketplace.  The appeal of the RIA and dually registered models are projected to become the industry's largest and most successful advisers.  Independent Advisors are projected to grow to 28 percent asset market share by the end of 2018.

The RIA boom has caused many advisers to reassess their affiliations in an effort to determine where their client would be best served. Every day we talk with advisers trying to decide if they should go independent. Based on the buzz surrounding RIAs, the topic always comes up.

Obviously, there is much to consider before making this type of business decision. Whether you're coming from a wirehouse, are already an independent advisor, we can help you reach new clients and grow your book in ways you never thought possible.  Independence never looked so good.